‘See This Sound: Promises in Sound and Vision’

«Our world of experience today is marked by an omnipresence of audiovisual products and structures, in which the cultural production of image and sound is intricately intertwined in terms of media techniques, market strategies and artistically. The current diversity and the long prehistory of these syntheses and contradictions, these couplings and overlaps and sometimes also 1their irreconcilability are investigated in the project See This Sound from the perspectives of contemporary art and art and media studies. The central significance of collaboration between a museum and a research institute for the overall project corresponds here with the historical horizon of the thematic field, within the framework of which the boundaries of science and art have been and are repeatedly rescinded.

The esthetic and theoretical relationships between music and painting, between colors and sounds from the 19th century to the mid-20th century have already been extensively explored in multiple exhibitions and publications.1 In comparison to these, the project See This Sound starts from a more fundamental point: The project centers less around the relation of the artistic genres of music and painting or the correspondences between color and sound, but rather around the acoustic and visual interplay, as it has developed and has been artistically analyzed and treated since the early 20th century».